Equivalent Grades

Daido Steel GO5, AICHI Steel SX105V, HitachiMetals HMD5.

Chemical composition (%)



1. SX105V is a new type of cold work tool steel, also known as flame quenching cold work tool steel. It belongs to the series of high carbon low alloy cold work tool steel. The typical elements of SX105V are Cr, Si, Mn, etc. A small amount of strengthening elements, like Mo and V are also included.
2. The range of quenching temperature of SX105V is very wide, but the thermal sensitivity is very low. Flame quenching is characterized by simple operation, low costs and saving resource.
3. The hardenability of SX105V is good. It can be hardened by cooling in air. Its hardness can reach 62 ~ 64HRC. The quenching deformation is very small.
4. SX105V has high strength, good toughness and relatively high wear resistance after heat treatment. It is suitable for making various types of manual mechanical wrench, screwdrivers, pneumatic chisel, heavy duty punch, scissors, heavy vibration cutting and so on. It is strongly recommended for manufacturing cold work tool steels requiring large dimension, thick section and small deformation during quenching.

ItemHeating temperature/℃Initial forging temperature/℃Final forging temperature/℃Cooling
Ingot1150~12001100~1150800~850Slow cooling
Billet1100~11501050~1100800~850Slow cooling