AISI H11 tool steel is a 5% chromium hot work tool steel that is represented by its excellent impact toughness. Chromium hot-work tool steels are designated as group H steels according to the AISI classification system, and specified in ASTM A681standard.

Chemical Composition

0.360.90.3max. 0.030max. 0.0304.81.10.3




Steel Properties

  1. H11 has high quality and superior cleanliness rate,
  2. H11 could decline budget costs as pre-hardened treatment.(eliminate time, extra money and risk)
  3. 3. Finer grain size, fully spheroidization structure.
  4. 4. Low container of the gas
  5. 5. High resistance to temperature, wear test, thermal crack
  6. High shock resistance, high strength and toughness at high temperatures
  7. Mould can extend materials life-time and raise high wear-resistance by Nitriding treatment.


  1. Extruder die
  2. Tool parts
  3. Forging mold
  4. Press casting mold
  5. Shrink work chucks
  6. Liner Holders
  7. Bridge kind tools
Soft Annealing °CCoolingHardness HB
740 – 805Furnacemax. 230
Stress-relief annealing °CCooling
approx. 605 – 640Furnace
Hardening °CQuenchingHardness after quenching HRC
1000 – 1035Air, oil or55
Tempering °C100200300400 500550 600650700
HRC53535353 5553 493732