A286 is a precipitation age-hardening iron-nickel-chromium alloy that is one of the most popular and widely used of high temperature alloys. It maintains good strength with oxidation resistance at temperatures of up to 1300F. A286 is used in various components, such as aircraft and industrial gas turbines due to is high strength and superior fabrication. A286 is also very popular in offshore oil and gas industry where high levels of heat and stress are a factor. The work hardening of A286 is equivalent to 310S Stainless, and cold working is possible at the same level.

Chemical Composition



A286 (EAF + ESR)
A286 (EAF + VAR)S66286No. 6601.4980


High Impact Resistance
Excellent Toughness at high Strength levels
Good Wear Resistance
High Hardenability & Softening Resistance

Product Characteristic

1. An iron-nickel-chromium super alloy with additions of molybdenum and titanium.
2. Good strength and corrosion-resistance at temperature up to 1300℉ (704℃).
3. Can be precipitation hardened and strengthened by heat treatment.

Heat Treatment

1. Solution: 899~982℃ / at least 1 hour / oil or water quenched.
2. Age: 649~760℃ / at least 16 hours / air cooled.


1. Jet engine components such as turbine wheels, blades, frames, casings, afterburner parts.
2. Nonmagnetic cryogenic equipment
3. Aircraft gas turbines
4. Offshore oil and gas industry.
5. Low Temperature applications
6. Gas turbine, disk, blades and shafts
7. Compressors
8. Fasteners
9. Springs
10. Superchargers
11. Manifold Components
12. Moderate Corrosion Applications in Aqueous Solutions
13. Non-Magnetic Cryogenic Equipment


Heating slowly and uniformly to 815~845℃, furnace cooling to 510℃ at a rate 8~15℃/hr. Hardness max. HB 229


Preheating: Warming to approx. 650~700℃, holding 20 minutes per 25 mm.
Austenitizing: Heating to approx. 925~960℃, holding 20 minutes per 25 mm.


150~200℃, holding 30 minutes per 25 mm. Air-cooling.
Hardness min. HRC 56