AISI P-20+Ni

Equivalent Grades

American German Japanese China Poland
  (W.Nr) (DIN)      
AISI P-20+Ni 1.273840CrMnNiMo8-6-4---

Chemical Composition (AISI P-20+Ni)

  C Si Mn P S Cr Mo V W Co Ni
AISI P-20+Ni 0.35-0.450.20-0.401.30-1.60--1.80-2.100.15-0.25---0.90-1.20

Steel properties

Good machinability, suitable for chemical etching, better hardenability than THYROPLAST® 2311. Used for all thicknesses Good polishability. Guaranted through hardness: 290 HB or 100 kg/mm2 minimum.


Large plastic moulds with deep engravings and intensive impacts on the core. 1.2738 is the logical development of 1.2311, a pre-hardened plastic mould steel for use in large moulds, which also have to display high core strength. The additional nickel content of 1 % increases through hardening. 1.2738 ia a micro-alloyed, vacuum-degassed steel with the following excellent features:

good machinability, outstanding polishability, good texturing properties.

Heat Treatment

Soft Annealing                                    Cooling                                         Hardness(HB)

    700 – 730                                        Furnace                                            Max 230


    Hardening                                       Quenching                                    Hardness after quenching (HRC)

     835 - 865                                     Polymer or Oil                                          50


Tempering C         100         200          300            400            500           600            700

HRC                          51           50            48              46              42              39              28

Tempreing Curve: